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Roberta May Wong's I-CHING REVOLUTION: 101

Roberta May Wong's I-CHING REVOLUTION: 101 is a visualization of social change and its manifestation through personal courage as represented by small action. When individuals consciously stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER and "show face" against the injustices confronting our Black communities, lives will change.

Wong's online research of ASIANS4BLACKLIVES (A4BL) was the basis for I-CHING REVOLUTION: 101, a conceptual/art installation. A4BL utilizes the I-Ching hexagram #49 (a symbol for revolution) as its logo, which is one of 64 hexagrams from the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese practice of casting yarrow sticks or coins to produce an expression representing the physics of consciousness.

As we live our lives, our core being recognizes the injustices that occur around us. But we often tell ourselves, "There's nothing I can do about it." But change can occur when truth is acknowledged, and we recognized that silence is complicity. When our personal convictions lead to personal action, society can change.

I-CHING REVOLUTION: 101 is an invitation to "show face" recognizing that this simple act can require a huge amount of courage to be public about one's opinion when the social, political, economic consequences are real.

To participate, bring a 2"x2", black and white, photograph or a photocopied image of yourself to the gallery opening on October 1, 2016 (6-9 PM). It can be a copy of your passport photo, an enlarged copy from a yearbook or class photo, your professional photo, or a good selfie. These images will be collected and assembled into the hexagram #49 where your photo will be proudly posted to the gallery wall. Be one face of many in the I-CHING REVOLUTION: 101.

If unable to attend the gallery opening, your photo can be submitted electronically: rwong129 [at]

Gallery attendees will also have an opportunity to throw the I-Ching, contemplating the question: How can I manifest social justice in my community?

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