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 past exhibitions 

Victor Maldonado:
A Living Room

April 2016

For its inaugural exhibition, Indivisible welcomed Portland-based artist Victor Maldonado as his social-media alter ego Madmex. As Madmex, Maldonado programmed a small group show utilizing a living room as an exhibition space. A Living Room considered the possibility of private domestic spaces becoming open sites for activating and revealing the politics of art & design objects. This experimental exhibition also comprised a series of public interventions and events exploring the topics of agency, identity, migration, localism, displacement, exclusion and gentrification including Tacos Against Racism.

Martha Schlitt, Mark Takiguchi, Lou Watson: Dowsing

May 2016

Dowsing features work by Martha Schlitt, Mark Takiguchi and Lou Watson, whose investigations of “home” range from domestic setting observations and shared space interactions, to the role of home in a social and historical context. With an emphasis on localization, the artists worked in conjunction with Christine Toth to discuss the work of “place” in place, and around the kitchen table. The May 7th opening reception featured dowsing lessons by Lou Watson.

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