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 about Indivisible

In April 2016, Christine Toth launched a new residentially-based exhibition project, Indivisible. Using her home as a cultural palette, the project offers a space that prompts different considerations than that of a traditional gallery. Located in the Division Street neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, the home was built in 1884, a year after Portland connected to the national railroad network, and three years before the first bridge was built across the Willamette River. Among the first developments in the city, the house now is witness to the area’s recent rapid wave of construction: it is uniquely situated in both location and time to connect the art community and the neighborhood community, as an intervention on a neighborhood that is rapidly changing.


In 2017, month-long exhibitions are scheduled from April through November. Each month the public is invited into the home to interact with the artist and their work, and with the community.

Image: Indivisible's May 2016 exhibit,Dowsing, featuring work by Martha Schlitt, Mark Takiguchi and Lou Watson. Photo by Johanna Robinson.

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