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 past exhibitions 

Art & Ecology 
Curated by Linda Wysong
 August 2017

Featuring works by Peg Butler, Bruce Conkle, Egg Dahl, Ardis DeFreece, Adam Kuby, Vanessa Renwick, Buster Simpson, and Linda Wysong

This exhibition of Pacific Northwest artists coincided with the annual conference of Ecological Society of America (ESA) with the goal of advancing conversation and collaboration between the sciences and the arts. The eight artists from the Pacific Northwest in this exhibition use different strategies, work in diverse media and range from mature artists with national reputations to new voices. Yet, they all encourage us to re-see the everyday and to thoughtfully consider our relationship to the natural world. As the oceans rise, species disappear, and the storms set records annually, our place within and relationship to the ecosystem cannot be ignored. The ecological sciences are constantly discovering facts and making connections but for most people, this information must be translated into emotional truth.

image: detail from Buster Simpson's triptych, Captiva Raft, from Rising Water Confab, part of a collaborative residency at the Robert Rauschenberg studio on Captiva Island, Florida.

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